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2 min readMay 22, 2021


Deep Space Mission 1 — (Q2 2021)

DoGood Galaxy Launchpad: A platform where the community can vote to fund a project’s vision, purpose, and mission. In the future, DoGood Galaxy Launchpad will be created to provide the community a platform to facilitate voting on funding various individuals, initiatives, and charities. Trading $CEGG incurs an 8% tax and 1% will be automatically sent to the reward/charity wallet for the future fund-raising foundation.

Social Media: Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Etc.

Voting Governance: Use $CEGG to vote on decisions via snapshot.

Marketing & Promotion: AMA’s/advertisements/real-world and DeFi partnerships.

Certified Audits

Deep Space Mission 2 — (Q3 2021)

Social Profiles: Holders of $CEGG can create unique Social Profiles on Cosmic Egg’s Dashboard, which will be used to post fundraising requests and fundraising events. Social Profiles can obtain positive votes and must hold a certain threshold of $CEGG tokens.

Charity Oracle: Development of an oracle capable of facilitating exchanges between $CEGG and fiat for donations.

Listings: CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Deep Space Mission 3 — (Q4 2021)

Blog Ecosystem Platform: After fundraising, projects that receive donations can post updates regarding the use of funds via written articles and videos. Blog posts that receive likes from accounts with high Cosmic Karma ($KARMA), will receive a higher % bonus of $CEGG rewards.

Cosmic Karma: $KARMA encapsulates voting power, providing users weight to decide on fundraising submissions. $KARMA will have a limited supply, be a BEP-20 token, and tradable across AMMs.

Deep Space Mission 4 — (Future)

CertiK Audit

Trust Wallet Listing

CEX (Centralized Exchange) Listing

NFT-Based Gamification




I am just an Egg, searching deep space to provide everyone an opportunity to live again.