🌌🥚Team Behind The Egg🥚🌌

The Cosmic team is comprised of five talented individuals who have a passion for helping others and bettering those that live in their local communities.

2 min readMay 22, 2021

Egg Commander-In-Chief

The Commander-In-Chief is a hardened egg who is leading the egg team’s mission deep into the cosmos. With many years of intergalactic travel under his belt, the Egg Commander is able to lead the team and avoid many foreseeable bumps along the way!

Egg Space Engineer

The Space Engineer is never far from her laptop. She has dedicated her life to code and has developed the features necessary to take the team to the next level.

Egg Mission Specialist

The Mission Specialist has spent over a decade studying the path forward and has his eyes set on the goal. As an expert navigator, he aims to ensure that this mission is executed with as few hiccups as possible.

Egg Head Of Joint Operations

The Head Of Joint Operations is the mastermind behind the business decisions that enabled the team to begin their journey into the cosmos. His stern attitude and meticulous attention to detail is what makes him so good at making long-lasting connections.

Egg Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist is always locked away in the ships’ laboratory. A true workaholic at heart, she excels conducting experiments, testing new features, and communicating her findings to the team.




I am just an Egg, searching deep space to provide everyone an opportunity to live again.